Brittany & Michael 092bw

Brittany & Michael || Engagement Photography at Oak Bay Marina || Victoria Portrait Photographer

As a photographer that photographs a lot of smaller weddings, I find that only about half the weddings that I photograph opt for an engagement session. When the couple decides to go for it, I absolutely love to take advantage of the time to get to know each other before the big day, and to provide them with a bunch of pictures that aren’t quite as formal as a suit and gown.

When Brittany and Michael walked in to the coffee house at the Oak Bay Marina, and I first saw their outfits, I must say I was pretty excited! The nautical theme (a wonderful representation of their background – she is from the east coast and he is from here) that they used to coordinate our backdrop with their outfits caused so many of the pictures to look like they could be straight out of a catalogue – and I mean that beyond the best way possible! So fun! Their wedding and reception are at two other wonderful backdrops in the Victoria area.

They are a lovely couple, and the best words that I can think of to use at this moment to sum up our time together: relaxed stylish love.

Enjoy the pictures!

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