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Shannon & Graham Maternity Session at St Ann’s || Victoria Portrait Photographer

Shannon got referred to me by her sister, whose wedding I’ll be photographing in August, and asked me to take some maternity photos for her to remember the belly. I was a little wary to accept at first, worrying that she was after the more artsy shots that imply a degree of nudity, but that worry was for naught – she was after exactly what I was interested in providing!

As my first maternity session, I looked up many photos of maternity sessions to gather ideas. But it’s one thing to see the photos and another to capture your own take of the poses. So, while I definitely used those ideas as a base, it was really good just to let them be who they are. The joy and laughter that Shannon had just radiated made for some really beautiful captured moments. While I hadn’t met them prior to the shoot, I got that sense that both mom- and dad-to-be radiated with excitement about the upcoming arrival of their little one!

Enjoy the maternity session, and in the next month or so you will get to see the baby, as I also have the pleasure to take some newborn pictures for them as well!

4 thoughts on “Shannon & Graham Maternity Session at St Ann’s || Victoria Portrait Photographer

  1. Okay, that one of them on the stairs with the leaves in the frame is amazing! And I am jealous they got a shoot with cherry blossoms. :)

    • The blossoms just bring it all together, don’t they? So beautiful. I’m sure even if you have to wait until next year, you will get some wonderful family shots with blossoms in the early spring!

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