spring 120

Roger Creek Nature Trail Creative Shots || Port Alberni Nature Photographer || Vancouver Island Photography

Two weekends ago I visited my family in Port Alberni. We walked on part of the Roger Creek Nature Trail. I wanted to see the waterfall/swimming hole again, and was curious if there was a trail leading away from it, or if it was just a hidden gem. There was a trail leading up beside the waterfall, which led to the Hole in the Wall. I was pretty excited, I’ve only tried to find it several times to no avail. The trick? The part of Roger Creek Nature Trail that everyone who hasn’t been there thinks it’s on, isn’t where it is. You’ve got to either know where the swimming hole/water fall are and take the trail, or apparently go to the gun range off the side of the highway and follow a trail there. Either way, not the one that you can access from the trailhead across from Maebelle or near the hospital. Anyway, I digress.

A good picture of the waterfall would’ve resulted in my runners getting soaked and then not being willing to do the rest of the walk to find the Hole in the Wall, so there’s no picture. But it was worth it. The picture of the Hole in the Wall is definitely just a snapshot, and is nothing compared to actually being there. If you’re ever in Port Alberni, it’s a must.

Randomly, I’m actually in Port Alberni this weekend too. Wasn’t feel as up for exploring, and that which I did end up exploring wasn’t nearly as picturesque as what I’m about to share with you, but I’m determined to show a few more “Port Alberni’s Hidden Gems”-type of blog entries beyond this. They might take a while, given the infrequency of my trips here, but they’ll come.

And don’t forget – some of my creative shots (including the horse photos!) are available for purchase on smugmug.

Something doesn’t quite belong here!

Bonsai tree? or Fir tree?

Nothing more picturesque than stumbling upon two horses and a pony in the forest! (except for maybe two horses, a prince, and a princess!)

And that’s the Hole in the Wall!

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