Grayson 167

Bilesky Family Photos || Cattle Point || Victoria Family Photography

Prior to this family session, I did tremendous Googling of family sessions with adult children, to try to get some kind of inspiration of how to do a mix of posed and lifestyle photographs. It’s just so obvious that with little children, just let the little children be and the adults will follow suit to create some wonderfully fun lifestyle imagery. But with adult children… it’s different! Anyway, most lifestyle family portraits are families with little children, so it wasn’t the best prep option.

We started with a few posed shots down by the beach at Cattle Point, and then crossed over to the field and treed part of the park for a few more posed shots. Thankfully, dog, grandma, and girls with a sense of camera flair eased us up and a few more natural shots were taken! As their eldest daughter has already arrived back in Australia, I hope that these pictures will be a good memory of their family together at this point of life!

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