Danielle & Eric || St John the Baptist Church || Royal Roads Japanese Gardens || CPOs Mess

Danielle and Eric booked me as their wedding photographer in the fall. We squeezed in an engagement session just after Christmas, because it was what worked best for them coming over from the mainland. We ended up getting the wettest and darkest afternoon imaginable, but we went forward with our engagement session. If you’re interested, you can see it here. If you remember the week leading up to May 25th, ages ago now, you might remember that the weather looked a little uncertain. I was so thankful (and they were too!) that the weather cleared up so nicely for their wedding.

I had a pretty hard time selecting pictures to post here. I’m used to more small-scale weddings, or quick coverage, so it’s usually a little easier. But all day, now that’s a lot! Also, I had a second shooter who helped me get some shots of the guys prior to the ceremony, and different ideas and perspectives, but I told her I wouldn’t post any of her images. She has put 4 of her images here with her own editing.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Danielle and Eric. Danielle had told me that one of her special talents was “the unique ability to stay positive in the most ugly of situations” .. not saying that the wedding was an ugly situation, but she definitely stayed positive throughout (and after) our ugly-weather engagement session. Both she and Eric radiated so much happiness and peacefulness on their wedding day. I’m so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph their wedding, where Danielle found a lot of her inspiration from Kate Middleton.

Congratulations and blessings on many years of happy, healthy marriage :)

(It’s a shame I didn’t think to ask prior to posting this, who helped with the design. Turns out, Eric’s sister-in-law has a wedding and event decoration company, Funky Creations by Brie, based in Langford – check it out!)

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