Lorelle & Mike || Farmland Engagement Session || Saanich, Victoria Portrait Photography

I met up with Lorelle twice prior to this session, and photographed her sister and brother-in-law’s maternity session and newborn portraits, but it was my first time meeting Mike.

Lorelle and Mike hadn’t originally planned to take advantage of the engagement session, but I’m pretty glad they changed their minds. It’s always a benefit to get some plain-clothes photos together before the formal ones at the wedding. When Lorelle mentioned that she was hoping to be able to use a farm property that belongs to one of her friend’s families, I was pretty excited! I’m not sure if it’s been a dream of mine to photograph on a farm because it’s a trend and I want to join in, or because I’ve always loved the appearance of barns… either way, it was a dream come true :) I think it was a dream come true for their dog, Tucker, as well – he was wary of the cows at first, but warmed up to them and really enjoyed his time out there I think!

I’m looking forward to photographing their similarly styled wedding in August! Their love of the simplicity of outdoors (and presumably of the simpler life in the past that was primarily outdoors) is evident in their location choices.

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