Sarah & Jake z

Sarah & Jake Oak Bay Engagement Session || Willows Beach || Estevan Village || Victoria Portrait Photography

This past weekend I had two photo sessions – one on Friday, one on Sunday. Apparently both my clients and I knew ahead of time that the weather would be unpleasant on Saturday and Monday!

Friday morning, I headed to Willows Beach to meet up with Sarah, Jake, and their two dogs: Lucy and Jasper. Sarah and Jake both work for a dog food company and are definite dog enthusiasts. All I had to do was ask Jake to look at “her” (should’ve clarified) and he looked at Lucy. :) Hey, so much better than a random ‘her’ who could have been nearby. Since dogs aren’t allowed on the beach between May and September, we didn’t stay at the park for too long, and headed to Estevan Village and stopped by Willows Galley Fish & Chips (I’ll need to order from there sometime. Smells and looks delicious!) Sarah grew up in the neighborhood so it was a very meaningful location.

Below are my favorites from our time together:

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