Off to Italy — See you in a few weeks! — Keep checking my facebook page for photos from my trip!

UPDATE: AS OF JULY 30th I AM BACK IN CANADA! New blog entry coming soon…

Well, after 6 days of insanity – photographing an engagement session, editing the engagement session, photographing a wedding, celebrating Canada day, editing the wedding, packing and other vacation prep and having some down time with myself and with friends – it is finally time to head off on vacation! I’m pretty excited, but the past few weeks my excitement has definitely been masked with the realization I have a lot to do before I leave. The mask now comes off! :D :D :D :D

While I’m gone, gallavanting around Italy, I will be posting some photos to my facebook page. So if you’re not already part of that community, check it out. The photos won’t make the blog for quite some time!

The reason my destination is Italy is because my cousin has been going to school there since September, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to travel and visit someone who LIVES in Italy. And it’s a bit of a reward for finally finishing with school :) Plus, of course, I wanted to see my cousin. But obviously Italy is a big draw factor. So, while I’m there we’ll be staying in Florence, and there will be trips out to Cinque Terre, Pisa, Sienna, Rome, Pompeii, Verona… and maybe some other smaller places as well. Whatever happens, it will be great :)

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