I’ve tried to think of some questions I’ve been asked often, and come up with some answers. As I think of more, I’ll add them.


Can I make prints on my own?

In addition to the coverage that you are paying for, you will receive a DVD of JPG images. These DVDs can be brought in to stores such as WalMart, where you may order prints. I highly recommend supporting me by ordering through the SmugMug galleries that I set up – you can order awesome quality prints (and other merchandise) from the comfort of your home, and they come rather quickly too! Plus, I love looking through the orders to see which pictures you loved enough to print.

What if I want to modify a package so it fits my budget?

It all depends on what you are looking for, and sometimes the price can be modified to fit your needs. One of the things that keeps me going in this competitive photography industry is knowing that you will cherish the memories I capture for you, for years to come. I want to make that as available to everyone as possible, but I also want to be able to afford to live. So, never be afraid to ask if something can be changed to fit your budget.

What should I prepare?

If you (and whoever you are having your session with) have anything special, such as a place that means a lot to you, or a hobby that you enjoy together… maybe you want to make fun save-the-date pictures at your engagement session, or bring some googly glasses for a comical moment, if you have an idea beyond that, that you think would be awesome to include, PLEASE consider bringing them. Sometimes I might bring props, but it’s so much more fun and intimate if the props are actually yours and reflect a piece of you. Also, if you’re interested in coordinating your outfits, one of my friends pointed me toward this wonderful resource.

Why do you do offer photography services?

I started earning money from my photography in high school, through iStockphoto. It was a really thrilling adventure to see that people liked my work enough to purchase it. I started to photograph my friends as models for stock, and just loved the diversity that people brought to the camera. At 19, I photographed some portraits for friends and my first wedding. I just really enjoyed my hobby showing such clear purpose. I’ve progressed, improved my gear and had more practice and more time to reflect. Why I keep at it, is because I love giving people photographic memories that they can cherish for years. And it doesn’t hurt to “work” doing something that most people would consider a hobby.

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