Devon & Jillian || Rustic Victoria Wedding Photography

It was such an honor to be asked to photograph Jillian and Devon’s wedding, to witness and capture their love for each other. They are both such wonderful people and I look forward to how they will serve God through their marriage. There are so many more words I could share, but I know you’re more excited to scroll down to those photos so I’ll save them for now 🙂

One of the things I loved about this wedding party was how their personalities were just bursting, it made for so many fun memories to be captured. As always, I had a difficult time selecting which images to share here, but if you were in the wedding party (or are a close friend/family member), I definitely recommend asking Devon and Jillian for album access if you haven’t already!

PS – Isn’t Central Saanich a wonderful place to have a wedding!? There’s perfect mix of fun rustic, and west coast!

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