Ava & Family

Last summer, I had the most wonderful session last August to celebrate Ava’s upcoming second birthday, with Ava & her parents at the Sidney Pier. It had been raining all day, and we worried about it continuing into our session. While the ground was wet, the rain stayed away!

This August, we were celebrating Ava’s upcoming third birthday, and her grandparents joined us briefly! At the session, nearly-two and nearly-three Ava were much the same little girl, but in looking back over last year’s session, she has definitely grown up from a toddler to a little kid! It’s so fun to get to see the growth of and within families over the course of time 🙂 We had no doubt that the rain would stay away. In fact, the rain had stayed away so much leading up to this session, that the trees were feeling it.. and when we went to a neighborhood park to wrap up the session that was revealed in full by a whole park’s full of Maple Trees having shed its leaves to provide us with the perfect…. fall?… backdrop!

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