Explore Nicaragua || Part One: Ometepe

Welcome to Part One of my “Explore Nicaragua” series. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see and photograph so much of this country and I want to share the photos with you! I’m not sure how many ‘parts’ there will be, it will depend on how many more areas I get to see before I leave in January. For now, take it for what it is as one aspect of visiting Nicaragua. I hope that it encourages you to visit this beautiful country!

When I first heard about Ometepe, in 2012… or even before then possibly… all I had in my mind was a place where you had to sleep in netting because there were bugs absolutely everywhere. Needless to say, I was a little wary to check it out for myself. However, with those thoughts on my mind, I didn’t consider how awestruck I would be at the two volcanoes the island is formed around – the large and active Volcan Concepcion, and the smaller and dormant Volcan Maderas. I’ve had the opportunity to visit four times now. It’s true, there are a lot of bugs. Though, I never encountered a cockroach and only encountered one scorpion and one tarantula. Every other bug or insect or creature that came into my field of vision was ever so wonderfully appreciated. The landscape is breathtakingly worth it, and the animal variety is so different from just across the water. If you ever find yourself in Nicaragua, don’t pass up Ometepe! Try to stay at the bare minimum two nights, there are so many things to do!

Pictured in this blog post are Punta Jesus Maria, Finca el Porvenir, Ojo de Agua, Playa Santo Domingo, and Charco Verde, as well as various shots from other places on the island. Sadly, I chose not to take my camera the time that I hiked Cascada San Ramon and kayaked the Rio Istian, but it should be noted that those should not be passed up! (And I even managed to do both on the same day – different muscles!) And depending on your hiking ability and desire, you can also hike both Concepcion and Maderas – just be sure you have enough time!




























If you liked what you saw, please visit my Nicaragua gallery on SmugMug (can’t seem to get hyperlink to work: https://christanicolephoto.smugmug.com/Travel/Nicaragua-take-2/) and consider ordering some prints for your walls! All proceeds will be directed back to Tesoros de Dios, a ministry I have been involved with here.


4 thoughts on “Explore Nicaragua || Part One: Ometepe

    • I don’t believe there are any large pre-Columbian civilization remains here in Nicaragua, unless they are well hidden! On Ometepe you can find petroglyphs that date back to that civilization – Volcan Maderas erupted many years ago and threw rocks of varying sizes all over that half of the island. Indigenous people drew their petroglyphs on those rocks that remain scattered around the island. You can find out much more of the history on a visit 🙂 There is also a museum on Ometepe and one in Granada that display pre-Columbian artifacts. Zapatera Island, just off of Granada, is to my understanding a concentrated area protecting that history, and I’d recommend looking more into that. But as far as grand pyramids, you won’t find anything of the like here.

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