Bridal Weekend Getaway Event Coverage

My friend Rose invited me to come celebrate her engagement and photograph some memories of a girls weekend she had with some of her bridesmaids. The weekend was full of exciting moments from manicures, brunch, bridal fittings, a classy dinner out, snowshoeing, and my final moments of witnessing her saying yes to the dress (not included in the post to keep them private and secret until her wedding day reveal). It was an exciting to participate in the excitement of the weekend, and also to capture it. Originally from the island, Rose and her fiancĂ© Ian have been in Ontario for school for the past couple of years; she celebrated this girls weekend as she housesat for his parents with a picturesque view over Okanagan Lake. I can’t wait until November to completely engage in celebrating with these two (aka not be distracted by taking the wedding photos themselves as they’ve graciously hired a non-friend photographer) as they tie the knot!


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