Kimberley & her Boys (Mommy & Me Session)

Earlier this year, I was chatting with a friend who has children. She expressed how she wished she had more photos of herself with her girls. When I went home that day, I started a giveaway for my Facebook followers (join me over there to find out about future giveaways!) It was fun to see that Kimberley was the winner, as we have had a couple of sessions previously and it’s been fun getting to know her and her husband, as well as to see their family grow.

For the Mommy & Me session, I encouraged them in a couple of play ideas, and they brought in their own dynamic and fun. Meanwhile, I tried to sink into the carpet or corner so that the images could be as real as possible. It was a pleasure to watch them have fun and play, knowing that (as K said), they were doing what they would do on a daily basis, and now she would have pictures of herself in those moments. Needless to say, I had a hard time choosing which to highlight, so there are quite a few here for you to view:


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