Sarah & Jordan || Date Night Couples Session

Sarah and Jordan were the winners of a random giveaway I held on my facebook page (head on over there to find out about future fun!) I actually worked with Sarah a couple of years back as a stock photography model, so it was fun to work with her again! Married with a newborn, this night was special for them to enjoy each other’s company on a date night at McKenzie Bight, despite sharing some intimate moments in front of two boats (unbeknownst to me until after), overheating under a Mexican blanket, and a big uphill climb back to the cars šŸ™‚

Sarah & Jordan 004Sarah & Jordan 012 copySarah & Jordan 013Sarah & Jordan 020Sarah & Jordan 039Sarah & Jordan 066Sarah & Jordan 069Sarah & Jordan 081Sarah & Jordan 089Sarah & Jordan 106Sarah & Jordan 109Sarah & Jordan 118Sarah & Jordan 120 copySarah & Jordan 129 copySarah & Jordan 135Sarah & Jordan 141Sarah & Jordan 147 copySarah & Jordan 151Sarah & Jordan 158 copySarah & Jordan 160Sarah & Jordan 166 copySarah & Jordan 176 copySarah & Jordan 179 copySarah & Jordan 183Sarah & Jordan 198Sarah & Jordan 200Sarah & Jordan 204 copySarah & Jordan 214Sarah & Jordan 216


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