Nikki & Sig || Romantic Sooke Guesthouse Wedding

Nikki and Sig travelled from Alberta to begin the start of their marriage with dear family members at a guest house in Sooke. It was a beautiful, intimate gathering that I was, as always, honored to be invited into to capture. The wedding day celebrated the importance of their family, including Nikki preparing for the day by getting ready with her four grown daughters. Nikki and Sig enjoyed each other’s presence and incorporated Nikki’s love of flowers, Sig’s love of guitars and music, and the bohemian style at their core as they transformed an oceanfront guesthouse into their wedding venueNST (1)NST (3)NST (4)NST (5)NST (6)NST (7)NST (8)NST (9)NST (10)NST (12)NST (13)NST (14)NST (15)NST (16)NST (18)NST (19)NST (22)NST (23)NST (24)NST (25)NST (27)NST (28)NST (29)NST (30)NST (31)NST (32)NST (33)NST (35)NST (36)NST (38)NST (39)NST (40)NST (41)NST (42)NST (43)NST (44)NST (45)NST (46)NST (47)NST (48)NST (49)NST (51)NST (53)NST (54)NST (55)NST (56)NST (57)NST (58)NST (59)NST (61)NST (62)NST (63)NST (64)NST (65)NST (66)NST (67)NST (68)NST (69)NST (70)NST (71)NST (72)NST (73)NST (74)NST (75)NST (76)NST (77)NST (78)NST (79)NST (80)NST (81).


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