Individual Portraits || An Update

I am regularly updating my website to make sure that the freshest images are at the front of each of the galleries (and subsequently doing the hard act of taking off some old favorites when their time is up). In each of these updates, I’ve found the “Individual” section a bit lacking, mainly in part due to some silly notion I’d had while doing recent Individual/Headshot sessions that they weren’t worth receiving permission to post from. Wherever I got that idea, I have no clue! In truth, headshots are evolving just like all other forms of photography, so I recruited some friends to help jazz up my portfolio.

Though some businesses still require the standard headshot, it’s also fun to jazz it up a little if your work offers more flexibility, or if you have want to update your profile photo to a better representation of yourself. Really, options are endless, and it’s FUN! So have a look at what possibilities there are, and maybe we can connect soon!

Autumn 037-2Autumn 059 copyAutumn 060-2Autumn 075-2Autumn 109-2Kim 035-2Kim 036 copyKim 070-2Kim 095-2Kim 109-2Kyla 009-2 (2)Kyla 013-2Kyla 056-2 (1)Kyla 076-2Kyla 096-2Victoria 014-2Victoria 024-2Victoria 087-2Victoria 134-2Victoria 138-2

Headshot options (as of January 31, 2018):

Micro – $100
Up to 20 minutes, 1 outfit, 5 images

Mini – $160
Up to 40 minutes, 2 outfits, 10 images


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