Torin at 1 Week

Torin 003 copyTorin 018Torin 025Torin 034Torin 049Torin 060Torin 065Torin 069 copyTorin 071Torin 082 copyTorin 083 copyTorin 090 copyTorin 091 copyTorin 099 copyTorin 106Torin 110 copyTorin 112 copyTorin 117 copyTorin 118 copyTorin 119Torin 121Torin 123Torin 131 copyTorin 138 copyTorin 160

I’ve had the privilege of photographing Torin’s two older sisters (R and B) at the same age, and it’s fun to walk alongside this family as photographic subjects and friends! We aimed for more of a “lifestyle” newborn session this time around… which I interpret loosely and still incorporate a couple more staged shots… ultimately we just relaxed and captured some moments as they came. Hope you enjoyed them, even in the lack of color (I am a sucker for at-home black and whites, it seems).


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