Jody & Levi || Backyard Westcoast Wedding

Though I’d only met Jody and Levi on the afternoon of their wedding, I could tell right away they have a special chemistry between them. Despite the damp start to the day and some unanticipated heavy winds (some shots actually quite benefitted from these!), these two rocked their post-ceremony photos! As usual, it was a challenge to narrow them down:

JL (1)JL (2)JL (3)JL (4)JL (5)JL (6)JL (7)JL (8)JL (9)JL (10)JL (11)JL (12)JL (13)JL (14)JL (15)JL (16)JL (17)JL (18)JL (19)JL (20)JL (21)JL (22)JL (23)JL (24)JL (25)JL (26)JL (27)JL (28)JL (29)JL (30)JL (31)JL (32)JL (33)JL (34)JL (35)JL (36)JL (37)JL (38)JL (39)JL (40)JL (41)JL (42)JL (43)JL (44)JL (45)JL (46)JL (47)JL (48)JL (49)JL (50)JL (51)JL (52)JL (53)JL (54)JL (55)JL (56)JL (57)JL (58)JL (59)JL (60)JL (61)JL (62)JL (63)JL (64)JL (66)JL (67)JL (65)JL (68)JL (69)JL (70)JL (71)JL (72)JL (73)JL (74)JL (75)JL (76)JL (77)JL (78)JL (79)JL (80)JL (81)JL (82)JL (83)JL (84)JL (85)JL (86)


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