Explore Iowa || Land of Farms and Bridges

Have you ever thought about traveling to Iowa? I actually came across a picture of the High Trestle Trail Bridge years ago, and was hopeful that one day I might travel to Iowa and cycle across it… I just didn’t imagine I’d ever have a reason to make the trip. As I spent more time in Nicaragua, I made a couple of friends who went to school or were raised in Iowa, so last year I went to visit one of those friends in Des Moines and crossed that item off my bucket list!

When I first arrived, I quickly realized how little there was to do with tourism, and when she greeted me she quickly validated that she hadn’t encountered anyone who came to Iowa just to explore, but maybe once you’ve seen some of these pictures you’ll be intrigued to travel to Iowa, rent a bike, and explore on the more than 1,800 miles of bike trails the state has to offer through farmland and wooded areas, unique art installations, Chinese pizza, a variety of unique bridges, the Dutch-inspired town of Pella and other quaint small towns, a state library that rivals that in the Beauty and the Beast, and so much more! I was only there for 4 (or maybe 5) nights, I would’ve loved to stay longer and explore more of the trails, and to spend more time capturing the beauty of this peaceful state, enjoying it at the pace it deserves to be enjoyed at.


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