Swan Lake Fall Family Micro Sessions

The last Wednesday of September was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon/evening, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to use it for several consecutive Micro Sessions at the lovely Swan Lake! Meg, who had participated in the Micro Sessions offered earlier this year, invited her sisters to each participate in the Micro Sessions and one sister was inspired to invite the other side of her family as well…  a wonderful, all-out family affair! All of these faces were wonderful to work with, and even if some of the smaller ones had short attention spans, the final product is great! Also – such a fun way to spend time together as an extended family!! Since all of the sessions flowed into one another, here are some highlights all in one convenient location:

Swan Lake 008-2Swan Lake 017-2Swan Lake 047-2Swan Lake 090-2Swan Lake 138-2

Swan Lake 187-2Swan Lake 216-2Swan Lake 229-2Swan Lake 264-2Swan Lake 370cropSwan Lake 417-2Swan Lake 441 copySwan Lake 446-2Swan Lake 464-2Swan Lake 516 copySwan Lake 554-2Swan Lake 587-2Swan Lake 660 copySwan Lake 783-2

Sad to have missed out on these Micro Sessions? Fall Round 2 happens on October 14th and I have a limited number of sessions remaining. Email christanicolephotography@gmail.com to book yours now!


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