Island View Beach Micro Sessions

Fall Micro Sessions 007-2Fall Micro Sessions 038-2Fall Micro Sessions 100-2Fall Micro Sessions 188-2Fall Micro Sessions 194 copyFall Micro Sessions 230-2Fall Micro Sessions 276-2Fall Micro Sessions 293-2Fall Micro Sessions 296 copyFall Micro Sessions 314-2Fall Micro Sessions 416 copyFall Micro Sessions 473-2Fall Micro Sessions 486-2Fall Micro Sessions 505 copyFall Micro Sessions 589-2Fall Micro Sessions 718-2Fall is the perfect season for getting family photos taken, everyone is all cozy in warm clothes and there are leaves oh-so-colorful…. on paper, anyway. Scheduling for Micro Session dates can always be a little worrisome because the weather is so unpredictable and it’s a tricky thing rescheduling for multiple groups of people. Thankfully, even though it was quite far into the chilly side of things, it was mostly dry and the Island View Beach Micro Sessions all worked out. We may not have spent much time actually on the beach, but there was a beautiful sheltered path that was perfect for the season. Here are some highlights from the four families who joined me for the morning sessions! I’ll have a post with highlights from the afternoon sessions (Panama Flats) before too much longer.



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