Jessica & Colin || Rainy Day Engagement Session at Finnerty Gardens

Back in the summer, I offered a Couples Session Giveaway, and was just so excited about it that I extended it to a runner up as well – Jessica was the lucky name selected! I’m sure when I initially told her, she was envisioning a relaxed engagement session popping with light and color, warm in summer air… but it took us a while to find a date that worked and before we knew it, it was mid-October. The forecast was looking wet… and the reality was really wet. I checked in to make sure they were still on, and they were such troopers and decided to go for it!!

While there are some downsides to a photoshoot in the rain, such as everyone involved getting progressively wetter and colder,  having to rely on auto focus at all times due to the rain cover my camera wears when it’s wet, and said cover being so finicky it’s a nuisance to change lenses, it’s actually fun to mix things up a little. I think it also helps to make the memories a little extra special in their uniqueness, and I hope they feel the same 🙂

Jessica & Colin 007Jessica & Colin 008Jessica & Colin 045 copyJessica & Colin 046 copyJessica & Colin 071 copyJessica & Colin 081 copyJessica & Colin 089 copyJessica & Colin 091 copyJessica & Colin 097 copyJessica & Colin 106 copyJessica & Colin 121 copyJessica & Colin 124Jessica & Colin 130 copyJessica & Colin 134Jessica & Colin 135Jessica & Colin 150Jessica & Colin 154Jessica & Colin 163 copy2Jessica & Colin 171Jessica & Colin 181 copyJessica & Colin 182 copyJessica & Colin 201Jessica & Colin 202 copyJessica & Colin 203Jessica & Colin 210Jessica & Colin 214 copy2Jessica & Colin 218Jessica & Colin 232 copy


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