Off-season Offerings || Portraits in the Winter

I know, we live on Vancouver Island. It’s the Hawaii of Canada, we shouldn’t be complaining about the weather when our friends and family in the rest of the country will be shoveling snow for months and bundling up in multiple layers to go outside. But it’s still cold with a greater likelihood of being wet.

If you’re a planner, you’ve probably already checked off “Holiday Portraits” from your to-do list, capturing the most recent update to send out with the Christmas cards back in the warmth of late September or early October. Maybe you normally are on the ball, but for whatever reason the busyness of life prevented you from doing that this year, or maybe you’ve never gotten around to booking a photographer to capture moments with everyone together.

Regardless of where you’re at, let me share a couple of ways November thru February can continue to be awesome months to opt for a couple or family photo session.

Unpredictable weather = memorable memories

There’s a whole new level of romance and FUN that comes when the ground is covered in snow, or if there’s rain coming down. While it may not be fun to do a full hour (or longer) session in those weather conditions, it’s a unique opportunity to make new memories and have pictures that stand out both in comparison with past photos you’ve had taken, and in your mind as unique memories (“Remember that time…”)

Opportunities for capturing cozy at-home memories

While older kids might have fun in the rain, and all kids will have fun in the snow, if you have little ones or just want to stay comfortable, have you considered having your portrait session at home? As with any session, there’s time for those formal posed portraits, using a wall or sheltered patio area, that are perfect for the wall and passing along to grandparents, but there’s also a whole additional range of candid moments that can be captured and preserved. You know those unique moments when you whip out your cell phone to capture the concentration of your littlest one as they discover their new toy, or your pre-school aged children as they create a painted masterpiece? Maybe your oldest is having an unlikely picture-perfect moment with their younger siblings… but the cell phone picture will never have you in it with them, and could have better quality. Invite me into those moments, and I’ll hide in the background, snapping away as your family shares some special moments together. Plus, you’ll all stay dry and warm!

Just bundle up and put on a smile!

Determined to get those portraits taken in a park setting even if it’s bitingly cold? At least it’s dry, right? I commend you for your determination! Just be prepared to get bundled up as much as you can, and stick to a session short enough for your younger children to not get frozen (or too wet)… and maybe bring along some hot drinks or pocket warmers 🙂



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