N Family Fall Portraits

This family is just so much fun to work with, I was quite thankful to get the chance to catch up with them! I really didn’t think so much time had passed, but when I returned home, I looked up our previous session and discovered it was way back in 2014… Willow has grown up so much, she’s barely recognizable! I love that about working as a photographer, seeing growth unfold in front of my camera.

The session we had this year was extra special, because it took place entirely at the family’s new home up island, which they’re in the process of remodelling (hence the fun pictures with the ladders!) Everyone was super relaxed, and we had some amazing backdrops to work with in their back yard. I know, you’ll be thinking how much you wish you had that kind of yard at your disposal!


October28 033 copyOctober28 036 copy2October28 041 copy2October28 045 copyOctober28 065-2October28 086 copyOctober28 092 copyOctober28 094-2October28 122-2October28 135-2October28 181 copyOctober28 193-2October28 199 copyOctober28 402-2


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