Jonny & Rachel are Engaged! || Proposal along Dallas Road

It was so fun to witness Jonny’s excitement (and a little nervousness) in the lead-up to his proposal to Rachel… from the weeks to minutes of anticipation. In the end, Jonny, one of his friends and I waited for the arrival of Rachel and her family on a beautiful outcropping of rock along Dallas Road, where he surprised her with the question of a lifetime. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of capturing that moment, and it was exciting and nerve-wracking for me as well! I love the pure joy and excitement on both of their faces (and all that ring admiration) that lasted throughout the post-proposal-engagement-portrait-style session we had following. As always, I had a hard time choosing favorites:

RJ (1)RJ (2)RJ (3)RJ (4)RJ (5)RJ (6)RJ (7)RJ (8)RJ (9)RJ (10)RJ (11)RJ (12)RJ (13)RJ (14)RJ (15)RJ (16)RJ (17)RJ (18)RJ (19)RJ (20)RJ (21)RJ (22)RJ (23)RJ (24)RJ (25)RJ (26)RJ (27)RJ (28)RJ (29)RJ (31)RJ (32)RJ (33)RJ (34)RJ (35)RJ (36)RJ (37)RJ (38)RJ (39)RJ (40)RJ (41)RJ (42)RJ (43)RJ (44)RJ (45)RJ (46)RJ (47)RJ (48)RJ (49)

*I don’t usually shoot with a second shooter, but Rachel’s brother Josh took a few shots on my second camera from a different angle, and I have included them for perspective for the actual proposal, so he deserves credit!


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