Highlights from the Fall Micro Sessions at Panama Flats

I’m still reflecting on how incredible the Fall Micro Sessions turned out. Not only did I get to meet or revisit with *9* different groups of people, at two beautiful locations, but the colors and excitement of fall were brought out so well by each of those groups. Here are some highlights from the later in the day sessions at Panama Flats. The first four sessions took place at Island View Beach. It’s always a hard process choosing which photos not to edit and not to showcase, but half of what I love about Micro Sessions is that clients help me in that process to know which photos they want to use to commemorate this season!Fall Micro sessions 1212-2Fall Micro sessions 1243 copy2Fall Micro Sessions 693-2Fall Micro Sessions 1634-2Fall Micro sessions 1293-2Fall Micro Sessions 833Fall Micro Sessions 1324-2Fall Micro sessions 1072-2Fall Micro Sessions 1295-2Fall Micro Sessions 1406-2Fall Micro Sessions 1489-2Fall Micro sessions 984-2Fall Micro Sessions 664-2Fall Micro sessions 1132-2Fall Micro Sessions 608-3Fall Micro Sessions 898-2Fall Micro Sessions 1567-2Fall Micro Sessions 1577-2Fall Micro sessions 1051 copyFall Micro Sessions 865-2Fall Micro Sessions 1421-2Fall Micro Sessions 605-3Fall Micro sessions 1268-2


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