C Family Photos at Summit Park

The blog has been busy the last few days as I’ve wrapped up the last few sessions scheduled for the year, and finished up some personal creative work.

I’ve run into this family (or its members) a few times around Victoria since initially meeting them as I was on my way out of IVCF at UVic. One of those run-ins was at Summit Park, so when they inquired about holding a session, of course it was my recommendation to have their session here! It adds that personal touch of a place they love, and gave me an opportunity to revisit some favorite stomping grounds while capturing this awesome family! Enjoy 🙂

Cfamily (1)Cfamily (5)Cfamily (6)Cfamily (7)Cfamily (2)Cfamily (3)Cfamily (4)Cfamily (8)Cfamily (9)Cfamily (10)


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