Windy Weekend in Victoria

It was really windy in Victoria this weekend. I’m thankful we didn’t get the snow that the northern parts of the island got, and the wind was fun to enjoy.. from inside. After hearing the strong gusts for a few hours, I realized I hadn’t ever brought my camera down to Dallas Road to capture the waves, so I headed out. I stopped by Saxe Point Park first and then headed to Dallas Road. I only slightly envied those who had chosen to stay in the warmth of their cars 😉 That said, it was a fun, though wet and cold and salty experience… which may be a factor of my cold getting worse! Enjoy from the warmth of wherever you are 🙂

Waves 001Waves 015Waves 018Waves 035Waves 047Waves 053Waves 072Waves 092Waves 125Waves 126Waves 143Waves 166Waves 168Waves 172Waves 187Waves 199Waves 213Waves 221Waves 226Waves 241


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