Rachael & Michael || A Classic Victorian Wedding

I have had the honor of being friends with these two for several years and have watched their relationship morph over the years. It was so special to celebrate with them as they start this marriage relationship through the role of photographer. This blog post may be sharing more of the outtakes and friends and relations than I normally would share, because of the friendships I’ve had with so many of you over the years, and knowing that you’re all curious to see the extra moments my camera caught where you weren’t present. Which is probably an approach I should take to all my blogs, but at the same time, would make every post far too long 😉 To make it appear like there isn’t as many photos, I’ve set them up canvas style, but you’re able to look at the photos slightly larger if you click on them 🙂

It was a cold, cold day and some members of the bridal party was experiencing some food poisoning, but ultimately it was a day full of love and friendship. ❤

Without further ado…


If you can't get enough of them, check out their engagement session as well 🙂







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