Felix & Family || At-Home Maternity and Newborn Session

Felix’s mom contacted me for a last-minute maternity session an hour before I headed out the door to travel to NYC for a few days, and we managed to sneak a maternity shoot in before Felix entered the world. When he did, we had the most adorable at-home newborn session. Not only was this little man displaying some strong power well beyond his seven days, but his big sister simply could not get enough of him!

For some reason, I totally overlooked putting highlights from the maternity session to the blog, so here you get them all at once… enjoy:


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2 thoughts on “Felix & Family || At-Home Maternity and Newborn Session

  1. Absolutely lovely photos of my nephew and his wife and children! Felix looks so much like my dad his great grandfather. Aurora is such a sweet heart. Felix is blessed to have her for a sister!


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