Amanda & Ryan || Backyard Garden Wedding

Amanda and Ryan had the sweetest of wedding ceremonies in a backyard garden with their loved ones (fur baby included). It was the first time I’ve had the pleasure of capturing or witnessing a wedding ceremony conducted by a celebrant; Barbara Densmore was the celebrant present, and she welcomed the guests to participate in the ceremony, including in the passing along and blessing of the rings before they were handed to Amanda and Ryan. During the ceremony, there were times of reflection, and times of sharing, and amidst that sharing, Amanda and Ryan exchanged some absolutely beautiful sentiments with each other. While I’d only met them in the moments leading up to the ceremony, as the final details were put into place, by the end of our short time together, I felt like I knew them so much more. As always, it was an honour to be present to capture the start of this marriage journey! Enjoy the photos:


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