Leigh-Ann & Bradley || Birds of a Feather Wedding

There’s something really special about intimate weddings – with a small guest list, it’s such an honour to be invited in to celebrate with and capture the moments with the couple who have chosen to make the day special and unique to them. Leigh-Ann and Bradley celebrated with their parents and step-parents at Birds of a Feather B&B on the anniversary of their first date; as well, they each carried a memento with them in honor of a loved one who wasn’t alive to celebrate with them. I just loved the consistent excitement that was radiated in smiles throughout the afternoon, despite the weather’s inconsistencies (in the 80+ weddings I’ve photographed, it was the first time the 30 minutes around the ceremony began as cloudy, got lightly sunny, and ended with a sprinkle in the sunshine… shortly thereafter followed by a rainbow, more clouds, and then more sun). Congratulations Leigh-Ann & Bradley!

Flowers by the Floral Department at Thrifty Foods!


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