Celebrating 30 with Breann!

A few months ago, I’d shared on my Facebook page a link to a fun 30th birthday photoshoot I’d come across. I’d really hoped to one day have the opportunity to do one (or more!) but I wasn’t sure if it would happen… lo and behold, Breann contacted me with the intent to do a family shot with her siblings, and was playing with the idea of a 30th shoot as well. And it happened!! We did the shoot on her actual birthday, so she got to be totally in her element as a children’s ministry worker and celebrate her special day by playing with balloons and glitter, climbing on tables, jumping in the air, experiencing the enchantment of castles and of course having cake! Aside from the weather not being quite ideal and the accidental release of balloons (which will make for a great “goodbye 30, hello 31” segue 😉 ), we had so much fun! Check it out 🙂