Changes are Coming

I’ve been a little quiet on my social media platforms lately, and it’s not because it’s the off-season.

Okay, well in part, it’s because it’s the off-season.

It’s partially also because I’ve been studying at Royal Roads, working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication, because as much fun as it is being a photographer and creating memories for you, I would love so much to be able to use my skills to make a difference for an organization, and come home at the end of the day and turn my mind off from work and relax. As a photographer, while it is truly a gift to be able to make my own schedule, it is really hard to turn myself off and focus on other areas of my life… but I knew I needed more of that. Thus, the program.

So, I limited my offerings for the remainder of my school year to Micro Portraits and Mini Portraits.

Lo and behold, I was contacted by a friend of a friend, who is going on Maternity Leave as the Communications Coordinator for S.A.L.T.S. She encouraged me to apply for the job, and because the position had already stood out to me numerous times in the past, I could feel God nudging me toward it. I applied, interviewed, and… got the position! It starts mid-December, and will require pressing ‘pause’ on schooling, but it’s basically what I would love to be doing when I come out of the program, so this is an incredible opportunity that I’m SO excited for!

Which means that I will be working full-time starting December 17th, and it’s so good that I’d already intended to scale back photography for next year… it just has different reasoning now.

I’m sad to be stepping back from weddings and other larger-scale commitments like babies, but as I start this new position, I need to make sure my head is fully in the game before I am willing to explore continuing in larger photography projects.

So, I remain offering Micro and Mini portrait sessions until further notice. I will make the changes to my online presence as soon as this essay I’m working on in the background gets finished…

Thank you all for your support,



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