Sheryl & Bob || Gorge Park Wedding

The weather this September has been so unlike the past Septembers in my photography memories. The rain didn’t quite hold out for Sheryl and Bob’s wedding, but they were just so happy celebrating their special day, the rain didn’t get them down! A ceremony that may have been a little wet, but also warmly filled with love and laughter (especially when the best man had to run back to his car to get the rings 🙂 ) followed with a stroll through the Japanese gardens filled with infectious smiles, it was surely a day to remember:

SB (1)SB (2)SB (3)SB (4)SB (5)SB (6)SB (7)SB (8)SB (9)SB (10)SB (11)SB (12)SB (13)SB (14)SB (15)SB (16)SB (17)SB (18)SB (19)SB (20)SB (21)SB (22)SB (23)SB (24)SB (25)SB (26)SB (27)SB (28)SB (29)SB (30)SB (31)SB (32)SB (33)SB (34)SB (35)SB (36)SB (37)SB (38)SB (39)SB (40)SB (41)SB (42)SB (43)SB (44)SB (45)SB (46)SB (47)


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